~~~ Medicine Songs 2 ~~~

13 Grandmas Song
Air it Flies
All Will be Well
Allah Hu
Altar of Love
Ancestors Star People
Angel Walk Song
Ave Maria
As Old as the Universe
Barchu (Dear One)
Baso Mayray
Belly Mama
Beyond Duality
Bhakti Song
Bless All the Land
Breath in Peace
Breathing the Earth
Burn Fire Burn Bright
Butterfly People
By the Riverbanks
Carry Me Home
Come Again Come
Come Back to the Forest
Cooking Up a Universe
Deep Within my Heart
Down to the River to Pray
Earth and Ocean
Earth is Turning+
Eh Malama
Every Little Cell
Every Moment
Everything My Mother Gives Me
Fairy Directions Song
Fire of Love
Forget Your Perfect Offering
Gaia Peace
Gardens of Bliss

Give Away
Goddess Mantras
Goddess of the Ocean
Good Where I’m From
Gran Espiritu
Grandmother Ocean

Hare Krishna
Healing Ways
Heart Sung
Heart Sutra
Holy Dung
Huma Seri
I and My Mother are One
I Come from the Spirit
I Find My Joy
I See You

Jai Ambe Jagadambe
Jama Jinge
Jewel in the Lotus Flower
Jaya Icaro

Just Breath
Kai Kai Kai Yemanja
Kalei Aloha
La Pampa y La Puna
Ma Hey Hee Hum
May the Love We Share
Medicine Hymn

Mother I Surrender
Mt Zion
My Body is a Living Temple
Never Shaken
No Property
Oh Spirit of Life
‘Oli Kumukahi
Om Namo Amitabhaya
Om Purnam
One Spirit

On to Zion
Oshun Bailo
Pachamama Prayer
Padmasambhava Mantra

Patangali’s Mantra
Pleiadian Chant
The Power of Creation
Praise the Power of the Light
Rama Healing Mantra
Return Again
Rise Up Singing
Samba Sadashiva
Sat Siri
Sebaka Mangala
Seneca Moon Song
Shine Your Light
Shri Krishna
Sing the World Alive
Spiral in the Third Eye
Stand in that River
Starlight Vision
Strand by Strand
Sufi Healing Song
The Sun Shines on Everyone
Tam Agocharam
Tears of Sorrow, Tears of Joy
There’s Water Flowing
Tumbling Stone
Turn the World Around
Twameva Mantra
Under the Sun
Voice of the Grandmothers

Wake Up and Live
We All Need Each Other

We Are Stars
We Give Thanx

Welcoming Love
Wheels in the Water
When You Let Go of Fear
Wherever I Go
Whirled Peace Hymn
White Dove
Why Worry . . .
Wise in the Ways



More to come . . .and feel free to suggest songs

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